From the archives: March 21 edition

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March 22, 1913

At a dinner last week, Mr JL Baird MP referred to the new situation in Europe consequent upon the Balkan War, and ventured the remark that never in his experience had he known Europe to be in such an inflammable and dangerous position. He alluded to the race for the increase of armaments, which, however, he believed was not for purposes of aggression but for the maintenance of peace, the nations realising that strength and efficiency were the greatest safeguards of international peace.

March 22, 1963

A petition signed by 138 employees of the English Electric Co, protesting at the refusal of the local authority to allow parking in the car park behind the town hall, has been delivered to the town clerk. It reads: “We strongly protest at being excluded from using the existing facilities. On Monday those of us who attempted to park were told we were not permitted to. It should be pointed out that at these times, 8.30am and 1.30pm, there were no cars at all in the car park, and at no time has it been anything like full.”

March 17, 1988

When Blue Peter veteran Peter Purves asked actress Kathryn Evans to marry him, she thought she would be able to give up showbiz. But this week, from her Bilton home, she is enjoying the best of both worlds. She has a leading role in a new West End musical, Nite Club Confidential. and with mum, grandmum, Peter and her nine cats and dogs at home, there is nothing more she could want. The talented couple became Bilton’s most famous residents last year when they left the bright lights of London in search of a quieter life.