From the archives: March 7 edition

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March 8, 1913

Rowland Street was the scene of a shocking occurence: a well-known and highly respected resident being shot, whilst leaving home for business by a neighbour, who immediately afterwards took his own life. There appears to have been no reason for the outrage. Mr Matthew Dawson, manager of the Rugby Co-operative Society’s clothing department, started out from his home for business accompanied by his little girl, who was on her way to school. Edward Head deliberately shot him in the back.

March 8, 1963

Last afternoon, shade temperatures in Rugby rose to 42F. Though this seems unremarkable, it was the first temperature to exceed 40F in the town this year. Marking, as it did, the end of the intensest part of the most severe weather ever recorded here, it came exactly six weeks later than the first ‘forty plus’ has ever come to Rugby before, and last night was the first for five weeks to be frost free. Monday last saw the shade thermometer pass 45F for the first time this year . On Wednesday, 52F was reached.

March 3, 1988

An elephant which will be ridden across the Alps by Ian Botham was involved in an accident near Rugby on Monday. Rani, an Indian elephant, was on its way to BBC Pebble Mill. It escaped injury when the trailer in which it was being carried was in collision with a lorry on the M1. Not of the animals were hurt but lorry driver Michael Thomas of Gillingham was was taken to hospital suffering from shock and leg injuries. Mr Botham is making the expedition to raise money for leukaemia research.