From the Archives May 2 edition: Phenomenal rain, the wash-pit pond and Draycote worries

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May 3, 1913

April just gone fully maintained the reputation of the month as a showery one, and as a final demonstration we had on Tuesday night a phenomenal downfall of rain. Mr R Over, veterinary surgeon, had an unpleasant experience. He had been to Brandon, taking his son and daughter. They took shelter at Brandon and made a start for home, but on arriving at the railway bridge at Church Lawford found the car in 2 or 3 feet of water. This put the engine out of action. The party was driven home by Mr H M Cooke.

May 3, 1963

Who owns Kilsby village pond? Villagers complain that the pond, known locally as the wash-pit, at the Rugby Road entrance to the village, was dirty, smelly, overgrown and marshy. The question arose at a parish council meeting as to who was responsible for its upkeep. It appears that at one time it was used for washing sheep, but it has long since fallen into disuse. Years ago the late Mr Cleasby handed over the village greens to the council; but there is no record as to whether the pond was included in the transaction

April 28, 1988

Rugby Council is set to ask Severn Trent to postpone a massive £7 million scheme to repair Draycote Reservoir. Development chiefs believe that a more thorough investigation of its effect on the environment and traffic flows is needed. The scheme is due to start in June this year, will take four years and involve the transporting of some 500,000 tonnes of gravel and rock. An appeal is being made to the Prince of Wales to halt the plans. Coun Gordon Collett said: “We are looking down the wrong end of a telescope.”