From the archives October 13

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12 October 1911

OFFENCE under the Licensing Act: Alfred Tiley, gardener, Clifton, was summoned for sending his son, Horace to licensed premises for intoxicants otherwise than in a sealed vessel on October 9th. PC Anderton stated that at 9.40pm on the night named he saw the defendant’s son Horace, aged 12 years and 6 months, leaving the Bull Inn, Clifton, carrying a jug. Witnesses asked him what he had there, and he replied, “A pint of stout. Witnesses accompanied him home, and his father said he did not think he was doing anything wrong in sending the lad. The boy had been to the pub before, but it was always for bottled beer, which he was entitled to be supplied with. Mr Tiley was fined 7s 6d, including costs.

William West, of the Bull Inn Clifton, was summoned for service Horace Tilley, a boy under 14 years of age with intoxicants to be consumed off his premises on October 9. Defendant said he’d held the license for 17 years, and this was the first case of him serving a boy.

7 October 1961

EARLY next year a computer will be responsible for finished stock control, production monitoring sales, invoicing and accounting for the lamp and lighting business of Associated Electrical Industries Lamp and Lighting Company.

This was announced by Mr F Stubbs, manager of the electro data processing department of AEI (Rugby) Ltd., at the Electric Data Processing symposium in London yesterday. The symposium is being held at Olympia in conjunction with the Electronic Computer Exhibition. The vast computer will be responsible for taking care of some 30,000 customers, to ensure their needs are met accordingly.

Mr Stubbs said: “The company’s business covers a wide range of products and the lamp side alone has no less than 5,000 different types for approximately 30,000 customers. Stocks are carried out at 30 stores and depots. The computer will allow us to keep stock replenished and perform checks in a matter of moments.”

October 2 1986

BRAUNSTON villagers were horrified by a pack of hounds which chased a fox across the village green and killed it in the garden.

And now some residents are at least one parish councillor are calling for action to be taken banning the Pytchley Hunt from the village,

The mid-morning incident left villagers crying in the street, claims parish council deputy chairman Mrs Janet McCarthy. She said a pack of about 40 hounds were chasing the fox. “It was quite disgraceful that young people and mothers with push chairs should have to watch this sort of thing. It’s totally barbaric.

Beryl Begley, whose home overlooks the green, said: “The fox was terrified and completely exhausted. It was trying to get into everyone’s front door. Suddenly it ran down an entry opposite me and there was a terrible noise of dogs barking and a hunting noise being sounded.”

“We must ensure there is no repetition of this sort of incident again,” she added.