From the Rugby Advertiser archives October 20 2011

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From the Advertiser archives, looking back 25, 50 and 101 years ago.

25 years ago

October 16 1986

n Archives for this month in 1911 are unavailable.

A YOUTH centre in every village is the aim of Rugby’s newly appointed youth worker.

Under a recently issued government initiative, former youth tutor Frank Redfern has been appointed to give priority to rural areas in the provision of facilities for teenagers. He will take charge of 19 parishes and their youngsters and hopes to install a youth club in all the areas that need them. Appointed by the Warwickshire County Council, Mr Redfern will provide support to anyone who wishes to set up a youth club and will train volunteers. He plans to establish a network of support between groups. Although only appointed on Monday, Mr Redfern has already established a centre at Willoughby which will open on November 4.

He said: “In order to open other clubs I have to find out what is needed and where. I need to know the extent of existing facilities for youngsters in the villages and I can’t do it on my own. If teenagers and their parents could let me know what in their village needs, the whole process will be much easier.”

50 years ago

October 15 1961

A £6M comprehensive contract for a 120,000kW extension to the Cairo South Power Station has been awarded to English Electric by Cairo electricity and gas administration. The order covers the complete electrical and mechanical equipment to supply a further 120,000 kW for domestic and industrial use in the city, and the two 60,000 kW steam turbines will be made at the Rugby works of the company.

This order, one of the largest for British industry in the Middle East since 1957, was gained in the face of intense competition from firms in Britain, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany and the United States. The existing generating plant is of continental manufacture. The first call for tenders was in June 1960, and the specification covered boilers, turbo-alternators and auxiliary equipment. Part of the payment will be in cotton, arranged in conjunction with the international firm of cotton merchant, Louis Dreyfus and Co Ltd.

The plant will be in operation in early 1964.

101 years ago

October 19 1910

ASSAULT on a sister: Robert Taylor, labourer, 25 Railway Terrace, was summoned by Lily Worbey, his sister, who lives at 28 Railway Terrace for assaulting her earlier this month. Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Complainant stated that about 12.45 in the morning the defendant was “on to” his mother, and she told him he ought to be “d--- well ashamed of hisself”. Defendant asked her what business it was of hers, and she replied that she was her mother as well as his.

With that he came down and “knocked her senseless,” and she sustained a black eye and other injuries.

Defendant wanted to ask questions relating to matters of two years ago, but he was told he could not do that.

The complainant added that defendant was behaving like a raving madman.

He was found guilty and fined 15s, including costs, or in default 14 days’ imprisonment.