Fron the archives: A new school, the end of an Advertiser era and saving Humpty Dumpty

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Our weekly look at what was in the Advertiser in years gone by...

April 26, 1913

Warwickshire Education Committee: Owing to the growth of Rugby it will be necessary in the near future to provide additional school accommodation in the Central Ward. The council will be asked for 8,127 square yards of land adjacent to Pinder’s Lane and Kimberley Road for the sum of £1,309. The vendors require that the site shall be fenced in at once, and the Warwickshire Education Committee recommends that as soon as the purchase is completed, the site be fenced at an estimated cost of about £50.

April 26, 1963

Today marks the end of an era at the The Rugby Advertiser. This is the last issue under the editorship of Mr Thomas Manock, who retires, with the best wishes of all who know him, from the position of editor and managing director after more than 29 years’ service. Under his control, the paper has grown in size, influence and circulation. Employees have reason to be grateful for Mr Manock’s enlightened rule, for personal relationships in the office and printing departments have been at their happiest.

April 21, 1988

Plans to build on Rugby’s Humpty Dumpty field were rejected last night by the council. Councillors refused Stepnell Ltd permission to build a new housing estate on the site at Brownsover. “The fields are the best example of medieval strip agriculture in the area,” said Coun Doug Hall. “We should be protecting it.” Many protesters felt Brownsover was already too large and needed no more homes but most were concerned about protecting one of Rugby’s most popular beauty spots.