Kicking habit could save thousands

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NOT only is quitting smoking good for your health, it can also save smokers around £2,000 according to Rugby’s MP.

Mark Pawsey visited the NHS Warwickshire stop smoking roadshow at Asda in Chapel Street to support the annual No Smoking Day on Wednesday last week.

Advisors handed out facts sheets and information to shoppers to offer help and support to smokers who were interested in kicking the habit. Mr Pawsey was also given a jar of black tar which showed what goes into people’s lungs when they smoke.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for smokers to make No Smoking Day the official day that they stop smoking and they don’t have to do it alone. Help and advice is at hand and if they get the support of their local stop smoking service they can increase their chances of success by up to four times. In these economic times quitting can also make a big difference to people’s pockets – saving those who smoke up to £2,000 a year”.

No Smoking Day is in its 28th year and is supported by major health charities.