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Can you help reunite this picture with its owners

We’ve a case of lost and found on our hands this week and the finder of this picture would like to reunite it with its owner or a member of the family. Natasha Barker discovered this photograph along with several others in a book she bought from the PDSA charity shop in High Street about three months ago. The photographs had obviously been tucked inside the hardbacked book about cowboys for safe-keeping but mistakenly given away.

As well as this wedding group, there are a few others of the bride and bridegroom cutting the cake and in their ‘going away’ outfits. The only clue is the photographer’s details on the paper covers: ‘Dorchester Press, Oxford Street, Southam, Rugby. Telephone Southam 458. There are also a couple of older pictures of bridesmaids at another wedding where the photographer’s signature appears to be ‘Arthur Lanquib’and a portrait of a young girl as well. If anyone recognises the photograph or knows the family, please get in touch.