LOOKING BACK - April 21 edition

A cutting of the 22nd Rugby Scout Group - sorry it's such poor quality
A cutting of the 22nd Rugby Scout Group - sorry it's such poor quality
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22nd Rugby Scout Group 1965

Sorry this isn’t the best quality picture to go with Monica Divver’s request, but it might just help to jog a few memories. It’s of the 22nd Rugby Scout Group in 1965, most probably when the Newbold group opened their new hut and the 22nd Rugby were invited as guests to the event. The Rugby group moved into their own splendid new building last year, on the same site in The Kent as the old wooden hut they had occupied for over 50 years.

The members of the committee are trying to compile a history of the group from its inception to the present time. Monica says they are sadly lacking the names of staff from the early days when they used to meet in Rodgers Hall until the move to The Kent in 1973 - and beyond. She has been in touch with Mr Garwood and Mr Newman’s wife, then they have quite a gap they would love to fill with names or memories.

Monica understands that the Rev Peter Bennett was the priest in charge at St John’s in those days and was instrumental in getting the group started. Any snippets of information would be welcomed.

Perhaps you recognise yourself or someone on the picture? Please email hillmortongroup@hotmail.co.uk or call 07875 880587.