LOOKING BACK - April 3 edition

The shop in Lawrence Sheriff Street
The shop in Lawrence Sheriff Street

GS Howell Shop in Lawrence Sheriff Street

There’s a nice story behind this picture and the one below, brought in by Kay Hankins.
Her grandmother, Ann Boyes, met George Howell’s wife on a train to Leamington when she was going to see her sister and the two ladies struck up a lasting friendship.

The Howells owned this shop, where Kay says Joto Hobbies is now, and used to cut Rugby School boys’ hair.

From the items in the window she thinks the picture is from the late 1920s or 1930s.

The Howells would have lived above the shop with their daughter Mary, who was born in 1910.

Kay remembers being about eight years old when her grandmother first started taking her to visit in the 1950s.

Mary, who would have been in her 40s, and her mother had a house built on the corner of Bloxam Gardens.

By then Mr Howell had died and they no longer ran the business.

Even though Kay’s grandmother died when she was 13, she continued to visit Mary every week, usually on a Sunday morning, for over 40 years.

Eventually in her later years Mary was not able to live on her own, but Kay continued to visit when she went into Fawsley House and Dewar Close care homes.

Mary, who never married, worked at the swimming baths in Regent Street and was in her late 80s when she died. Kay remembers her as a lovely, kind person who always appreciated her visits - which came about all because of a chance meeting on a train.