LOOKING BACK - August 17, 2017 edition

The scouts at Rugby Railway Station ready for their train to the Lake District
The scouts at Rugby Railway Station ready for their train to the Lake District

St John’s and St Peter’s scouts off to Lake District camp

Memory Lane readers are bound to know a few of these faces, who were all local scouts about to go off to camp. The picture was taken at Rugby Railway Station in 1962 as the boys, who were members of St John’s and St Peter’s scouts, were waiting for their train to go to the Lake District for a week’s camping.

A big thank you to Kevin Folwell for sharing this one with us. It was Kevin’s first year in the scouts and he looks very excited about the trip, second from the left in the middle row with the dark coat and glasses. To the left is John Whiteman, with Dave Furness behind. Trevor Griffiths is further along the middle row in the light coloured anorak and his brother Mick is in the front row, second from right. Next to him on the end is Keith Line. At the other end of the front row, from left, are Dickie Dyson, with Mick and John Windows.

Kevin remembers they stayed in quite an isolated placed called Pennyhill Farm, which by the end of the week the boys had nicknamed Benny Hill Farm!

He thinks it must have been somewhere near Ravenglass as they walked there one day. He also remembers the weather being so bad the day they walked up Scafell Pike that his plastic mac came back in shreds. When they were within a mile of the summit nearly everyone wanted to go back as conditions were getting worse. So the group split into two and just five of them, including Kevin, carried on and finished the ascent. The trip was quite a memorable experience for the boys and he hasn’t forgotten them being able to use the stream for their drinking water.