Looking Back August 18

Looking Back - 18-08-11
Looking Back - 18-08-11

THIS picture, provided by June Bridges, show Marks and Spencer’s Christmas celebrations in 1955.

On the subject of Rugby Soroptimists, whose 1938 photo was in the Advertiser on August 4, Sharon Morley of Soroptimist International’s Rugby Charitable Trust got in touch. She said: “Not only does the club still have a charitable trust, the club still meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the Masonic Halls, Elsee Road, Rugby. We are still very active within the Rugby area and are keen for others to know and new members to join us.

The group’s website is: http://soroptimist-gbi.org/rugby/

Rugby historian Jane Cook also has some information about the picture. She said: “The lady receiving the charter was Mrs Jean Bissell, who was founding member and president of the club. Mrs Bissell was one of the first lady insurance brokers in the country, and was known for motorcycle achievements. Between the two world wars she toured Europe alone on a Triumph. The only mishap was when her wheels were stuck in the train lines in Berlin.

“The picture of her and her motorcycle, printed in the Advertiser in around 1925, has been sought after by many people.”

If you can help track down the missing photo of Mrs Bissell, or have a picture of your own for Looking Back, please get in touch.