Looking Back - August 2 edition

Looking Back
Looking Back

n THESE smart young boys were pupils at Murray School in 1964-65.

It was brought in to us by Bruce Truman, who is third from the right on the front row.

The school closed in 1966 and moved to Fareham High School in Fareham Avenue, where Bruce went on to be head boy and he also played rugby and swam for Warwickshire.

On the back row (from left) are Chris Douglas, Gordon Campbell, Derek Woodings, ? Mistry, Harry Matthews, Crispin Palmer, David Rushall, Barry Smith and Barry Nouch.

On the front row are ? Patel, Nigel Stockley, Andrew Bower, Graham Holden, deputy head Dennis Boyes, Paul Warwick, Bruce Truman, Leslie Gibbs and Tom Bullock.

n Our second picture belongs to Queenie Kimm.

Queenie Sparkes, as she was then, is the girl in the middle of those kneeling on the second row.

They were all pupils at Westlands Girls School in Rugby and this photograph was taken on June 15, 1936 on a trip to London to see King George V laying in state in West Minster Abbey.

They lined up for the camera when they were in Hyde Park.

Look carefully and there is an extra face in the picture.

Queenie says the man was nothing to do with them, but must have seen them having their photograph taken and thought he’d get in on the act!

The girls (back from left) are Margaret Baldwin, Rosie Cave, Maud Turner and Beryl Hanson.

The middle row are Elsie King, Queenie Sparkes and Joan Renard with Alice Blythman in front.

Mrs Kimm, 90, grew up in Rugby until she was 16 when her mother moved to Coventry to work at Daimler.

Mrs Kimm still lives in Coventry, but has fond memories of her years in Rugby.

She was born in Railway Terrace, three doors away from where the police station was in those days.