LOOKING BACK - August 29 edition

Peter Palmer, George Faulkner and Betty Russell
Peter Palmer, George Faulkner and Betty Russell

Reunion 88 years after classroom photograph

We’ve deviated from our usual format this week, to bring you news of a lovely reunion – an incredible 88 years since they were pictured at Chapel Street School in 1925 (July 25 edition).

George Faulkner’s classroom photographs prompted several people to make contact with the Advertiser. 
And this week, with the help of their daughters, George, now 94, met up with Betty Russell (nee Radmall), now 96, and Peter Palmer, whose late brother and sister Roy and Joan were pictured in George’s class. Peter attended the school ten years later. With the aid of plenty of photographs they were soon recounting memories not only of Chapel Street School, but people, places and events recalled from long lives lived in the Rugby area. Before long they even discovered Betty’s husband had been best man at Peter’s sister Joan’s wedding! They have so much to talk about they have already planned a second reunion in September.

** Elizabeth Memmory saw that her late brother Frank Garratt, was in one of the classes and George has now pointed Frank out for her. Elizabeth was one of seven siblings who all went to the school .

** Marian Wynn also got in touch. She attended Chapel Street from 1938 and recognised the classroom and her old desk in the front row.