LOOKING BACK - August 9, 2018 edition

Tower Lodge School 1949-50
Tower Lodge School 1949-50

Tower Lodge School

For all of you who have been interested in Judith Drury’s pictures of Tower Lodge School, here’s another one.

Judith had previously found pictures from 1948 and the Coronation celebrations in fancy dress in 1953.

This time the year is 1949 or 50 and she says she is in the second row this time standing between two little boys, neither of whom she remembers at all!

Judith’s mother Winifred Drury taught needlework at the school from 1948 until 1953 or 4 and kept a collection of momentos.

From these records Judith is able to list entire classes, which she hopes will be interesting to any former pupils and their relatives.

She is taking the names from the children’s signatures, some she says being much clearer and easier to read than others, so apologises for any wrong spellings. She thinks this will give us the names of everyone in the school in 1952.

Form teacher Mrs Cowie 1952: Marion Hall, John Glare, Paul Sarkies, Peter Bullard, Valerie Favell, Lenore Stockton, Mary Braikevitch, Richard Lupton, Jane Ayers, Vaughan Jones, Peter Moore, Carole Moore, Anne Aston, Peter Bolt, Josephine Newman, Hilary Cowie, Suzanne Swift, Peter Dombey? Anthony Harris, Helen Reay, David Newman, Judith Spencer, Beverley Skinner, Judith Drury.

Form teacher Dorothy Darby 1952: Jane Leatt, Sonia Braikevitch, Helen Milne, Mary Aston, Gwyneth Richardson, Jill Williams, Julia Neal, Richard Atterbury, Stuart Hetherington, Vernon Cheetham, John Reay, Anthony Newman, Bryan Owen, John Meikle, Susan Price. Sarah Bolt, Jacqueline Viga, Valerie Whitmore, Sandra Billington, Felicity Baldwin, Dorothy Aston, Susan Foxley, Christine Batchelor, Dorothy Alderman, Carolyn Swift, Terry Smith, Martin McCaskie.

Form teacher Marjorie Haddleton 1952: Judith Billington, Susan Butler, Graham Campbell, Pauline Day, Roberta Eadie, Rosalind Ford, Robert Haywood, Susan Haddon, Michael Liggins, Keith Lockwood,Anthea Maycock, Anne Miller, Margaret Newman, John Parish, Peter Rathbone, Sara Spreadbury, Cynthia Stephenson, Carol Williams , George Atterbury.