LOOKING BACK - December 10 edition


Rugby Lions 1883

We have Michael McGawley of Yelvertoft to thank for this week’s picture, which is actually a cutting from the Rugby Advertiser in 1933.

The team is Rugby RFC, the Rugby Lions, in 1883 and the picture was printed as a looking back piece showing the team 50 years ago then, ten years after the club was formed. Michael’s grandfather, John McGawley is second from the left on the middle row. The full line up listed was: (back from left) A Rainbow, G Satchell, C Barnwell, GF Bourne, W Bromwich, F Kilby, H Pennock. (Middle row) W Cowley, J McGawley, H Richardson, A Mason, EE Hopewell, W Jeffs, W Sully, W Veasey. (Front): W Phillips (umpire) and TE Tew (hon sec).

The caption says at that time only Mssrs Bromwich, McGawley, Richardson, Mason, Hopewell and Jeffs were still alive. Perhaps readers recognise names of other relatives?