Looking Back - December 13 edition

Lawrence Sheriff 1954-55
Lawrence Sheriff 1954-55
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n IF you were at Lawrence Sheriff School in the mid-1950s these faces might look familiar.

This was form 1C in 1954-55 and the photo belongs to Roger Hagan, who is second from the left on the second row from the front. He hopes it will bring back a few memories for our readers.

Pictured are: (Back from left): D Roberts, D Toone, M Taylor, R Demierre, C Johnson, K Cox, R Towle.

(Fourth row): M Ewington, MJ Taylor, C Bolton, G Cheeseman, C Greenaway, L Barnett, C Wilson, C Everitt, M Hall.

(Third row): M Reeve, N Shrimpton.

(Second row): A Stenhouse, R Hagan. G Howard, Mr D Burton form master, D Mann, P Docker, J Rowley.

(Front): R Farley, G Clarke, R Osborne, J Bowler.