LOOKING BACK - December 17 edition


LMS Flower Show 1937

Thank you to Jock Asbury-Bailey - author of the Westfield Lodge book featured a couple of weeks ago - for this Rugby Advertiser cutting from August 1937, which pictures his mother.

The caption says those photographed were visitors and officials at the LMS Flower Show. In the foreground, from left, were the mayor of Rugby (Alderman CW Browning) and the mayoress, Mrs DJ Roberts, Mrs J Asbury-Bailey, Mr J Windsor (the show secretary), Mr DJ Roberts and Mr WE Cheeseman (secretary LMS Horticultural Society, Euston).

Jock says the article with it mentions his mother and talks about a Mr H.W. Wilson winning the ‘Asbury-Bailey Jubilee Challenge Bowl’ for the third successive year, ‘thus becoming entitled to a replica’.

He doesn’t remember hearing anything about trophy, which his father must have given to them. He travelled a huge amount by rail all over the country and knew a lot of railway people. Jock wonders what happened to it?

Maybe the show, which was the Rugby Branch of the LMS Horticultural Society, went on for another two years until war broke out and then stopped and perhaps never started up again after the war, or he guesses it would have ended anyway with the nationalisation of the railways after the war?

Jock Asbury-Bailey went to kindergarten in Rugby from 1934-37 and remembers it was called Tyntesfield and was in Hillmorton Road.

It was run by two sisters, the Misses Size (Miss Margaret was the leading light). He hasn’t been able to find out any more about it, although he has learned a lot about the much later Tyntesfield special school, which was in Overslade Lane, in the building which had previously been Hillbrow, the prep school which he attended (which went up to Northumberland in January 1941). He remembers when it started there in 1949 it was called New Tyntesfield. The Hillmorton Road Tyntesfield, Jock thinks, was a school for boys up to the age of eight, but girls stayed longer, into their teens. The Rugby Almanac from that time lists the Misses Size at 30 Hillmorton Road.

Older editions (1896-1900) lists Size HJ goods manager L&NW Railway, Kelston, Hillmorton Road and in the 1911-13 listings the 30 Hillmorton Road entry is Size HJ, Tyntesfield.

Jock’s feeling is that both of the Sizes might have died and that the kindergarten closed down around 1940.

Does anyone know any more?