LOOKING BACK extra - August 15, 2019 edition

Our cutting from August 1969
Our cutting from August 1969

School swimming pools in 1969

The 1969 story about the school swimming pools caught my eye as I was going through the archive.

I’d only just been reminiscing with an old school friend (who I’ve known since we were four-year-olds at Rokeby) about the Anderson Avenue pool.

We had been saying how it always seemed olympic sized and wondered how big it actually was. Well, the answer is in the middle picture. Tiny!

I’m sure generations of readers will remember their school swimming days - and possibly not that fondly!

That slimy disinfectant we had to walk through and, later at Rugby High, those compulsory caps that felt like balloons stretched over our heads so our hair didn’t block the filters! And the bouncy diving board that felt like leaping in from Tom Daley 10m heights!

I note in the 1969 story it was parents who wanted the pools open in school holidays. I’m sure the pupils had had quite enough in term time!

Our archive from August 15, 1969

While Rugby has been sweltering in the heat of the best summer for years and the inhabitants have been flocking to the town’s municipal swimming baths, three other pools in the town have remained closed and deserted. Of the four pools at local schools, all built with money provided by parents and teachers, only that at Dunsmore School for Girls has been open during the holidays. And parents of pupils at Rugby High, Harris Church of England and Rokeby County Junior and Infants were asking this week why the same privilege could not be extended to them.