LOOKING BACK extra - June 27, 2019 edition

The mystery letter featured in the Advertiser in June 1969.
The mystery letter featured in the Advertiser in June 1969.

Advertiser reporter from 1969 solves our hoax letter mystery

You might remember that strange letter we featured in our June 6 edition, which had arrived at our offices in 1969, having apparently been in the post for 51 years, since 1918.

Well, I’m delighted to say the Advertiser reporter who wrote that original story has been in touch to help shed some light on the matter. Here's our story from June 6, in case you missed it.
John Phillpott, who worked on the paper from 1965-69, says: “The year in question was a crazy time because of the Rugby Rag preparations which had been building throughout that summer. There were lots of pranks being played and I’m pretty certain the postcard was one of them, despite the denials!”

That year the Rag staged their usual carnival but also organised a three-day rock festival at Rainsbrook, off Ashlawn Road, which featured the top national bands and artists of the day, so we’ll have a look at John’s coverage of that when the anniversary comes around in September.

After his time at the Albert Street office, John went on to work on a number of newspapers and contribute articles to many magazines across Britain and abroad in a career spanning more than half a century. He has also written a book entitled Beef Cubes and Burdock - Memories of a 1950s Country Childhood, which includes a whole chapter about the his years on the Advertiser, along with a string of stories about his boyhood in Churchover.