LOOKING BACK - February 14, 2019 edition


East Warwickshire College

I’ve had to rummage around in our archives to bring you something this week and I came across this aerial view. As usual there’s no date or description on the back but I’m fairly sure it’s of the old East Warwickshire College sites. It printed quite well in the paper, so I hope it's as good on a screen.

The main building in the foreground was the part off Lower Hillmorton Road. The one slightly above it, to the right of St Peter’s and St John’s Church, would have been the music and arts block, I think, on Clifton Road. It’s where Curie Close is now.

Of course at one time that building was Rugby High School for Girls before it moved to Longrood Road.

The only other landmark I can work out would have been the old Lodge Plugs/Smiths Industries in St Peter’s Road, on the left hand edge of the picture.