Looking Back - February 23 edition

Looking back
Looking back

Thank you very much to everyone who has been in touch with information about Overslade Hostel, especially June Hayes who has found us some pictures.

(Gerry Graham asked if anyone knew about it in our February 2 edition, as his parents lived there in 1956.)

Mrs Hayes’ late husband Richard, a qualified engineer, had been an officer in the navy when he came to Rugby to work for BTH. Pictured in the snow in 1950-51, in front of the pre-fab buildings, he stayed there with other BTH engineers and apprentices for two or three years.

Apologies that our enlarged scans aren’t as clear as his original photographs.

One of his good friends, pictured in one of the rooms, was Alistair Grant. He had his head bandaged from an x-ray burn. Now living in Stafford, he remembers the hostel was a very happy place and very good for its time, with excellent food considering there was still rationing, plenty of hot water and a games room. They all really enjoyed being there, but there were strict rules about men and women not mixing!

Sitting next to him was an Australian man called Harry Harrison. Mrs Hayes doesn’t know the man in the third photo, but it shows a little more of the hostel.

See this week’s Advertiser for all the photographs mentioned