LOOKING BACK - January 21 edition

Rokeby Primary School 1955
Rokeby Primary School 1955

Rokeby Primary School

I’m very grateful to Sue Berridge, who has found us these two lovely group pictures from Rokeby Primary School in Anderson Avenue.

Rokeby Primary School 1953

Rokeby Primary School 1953

This one above is of the top class in the summer of 1955.

Sue can’t remember anything about this Elizabethan play, except that Fay Shaw, who was the king, was regarded as the best actor in the class so had the main part.

The children were: (Back row) ?, Michael, David Skipp, John Evans, ?, ? Pilkington. (Middle row): Edwina Turner, Barry Francis, Sheena Ross, Patricia Jones, Austin Mills, Derek Weston and Ian Kemp. (Front row) Wendy Pratt (now Thomas), Susan Burton (now Berridge), Fay Shaw, David Prue, Paul Sarkies and Isobel Hughes.

If you can fill in any of the missing names on either picture, please get in touch.

Coronation picture 1953

Can you recognise any of these Rokeby School children from 1953? Sue Berridge only remembers Isobel Hughes, who was the third maid of honour from the right and would have been aged nine, in the second year of primary school.

One girl was chosen from each year group, with names pulled out of a hat.