LOOKING BACK - January 22 edition

Ken Hughes, David Barby and Mary Stewart
Ken Hughes, David Barby and Mary Stewart

Can you recognise nation’s favourite antique expert?

Can you recognise The Mock Turtle in the centre of this lovely picture, who grew up to become one of the nation’s favourite antique experts?

Thank you to Ken Hughes for bringing it in. His photograph isn’t in mint condition, but you can still see all three children quite clearly.

They were pupils at Eastlands Junior School in 1953, taking part in their school play of Alice in Wonderland, which was staged in St Peter’s Church Hall.

Ken (on the left) was playing The Griffin, with Mary Stewart (on the right) playing Alice. And the young lad in the middle was, of course, David Barby, who went on to become a popular television personality on programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

Ken and David were both due to go to Dunsmore School for Boys when they left Eastlands, but the building wasn’t ready, so they went to Murray School instead, where David became head boy. Mary went on to Dunsmore School for Girls, where she was head girl.