Looking Back - January 24 edition

Looking Back - Eastlands
Looking Back - Eastlands

n Thank you to Brian Dixon, who answered my plea for more Looking Back pictures this week and brought me this one, taken on March 24, 1955.

He would have been about 14 at the time and the boys were Eastlands Secondary School rugby team.

He remembers their games master had introduced rugby to the school, but they much preferred playing football and so the team didn’t last very long!

Brian is the blond lad on the far right hand side of the back row.

The full line up was (back from left) Mick Lee, Peter Cluett, S Hibberd, George Hodgekins, Mick Bott and Brian Dixon, with teacher Mr James.

(Middle row) T Edwards, Bob Lee, M Atwell, Norman Taylor and Michael Lowe.

(Front row) Roy Smith, Philip Stimpson, Peter Smith, and Gordon Robotham.