LOOKING BACK - July 12, 2018 edition

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A vision for 1970s Rugby

Apologies if the quality of this cutting isn’t brilliant, but I thought it was worth trying as it shows two views of Market Place and High Street that I’d not seen before, so hopefully they will be new to most of you as well.

They were printed in July 1968 as part of the vision for Rugby in the 1970s, which included pedestrianisation. Hope you find it interesting...

The story, printed 50 years ago this week, details proposals for a comprehensive redevelopment of the town centre, including plans for new offices, shops and pedestrians ways. It said the report would be considered by the county and borough councils, who hoped to receive observations from the public.

In the draft plan it says Chapel Street and Market Place would be pedestrian ways, and a new shoppers’ route is planned to connect North Street with Chapel Street. Sheep Street and High Street would be closed to all but service traffic. A four-storey car park to hold 1,100 cars is planned for the Russell Street - Queen Street site just off Corporation Street, with a filling station and garage incorporated. Forty-nine shops and two large store units, sited to attract people into the area were proposed. Allowing for the demolition of existing shops, the total increase would be 26, plus two new department stores and a possible extension to the Co-op.

The site of the present library would be extended to enable a ‘modern and flexible’ building to be erected which can be approached from the new shopping ways.