LOOKING BACK - July 14 edition

Rugby Ladies FC in the mid 1990s
Rugby Ladies FC in the mid 1990s

Mid 1990s sports teams

It’s been a while since we’ve had some sporty pictures in Memory Lane, so I’ve raided our archives and come up with these from about 20 years ago.

Yelvertoft Cricket Club about 1994

Yelvertoft Cricket Club about 1994

I wish we had always written dates on

the back, but at least we have names. The football team above were Rugby Ladies, taken after what must have been a good summer as there’s hardly any grass and plenty of sun tans!

The left to right reads: (back) Steve Heighton, Jill Pope, Alana Stanford, Lynda Miller, Sue Davies, Lisa Phillips, Michelle Guppu, Micky Lyons and Bill Bussey. In the front were: Lynda Brookes, Jo Carter, Marion Wood, Joy Stevenson, Marie Crofts and Theresa Bussey.

Here’s another mid 1990s picture, from the early days of using colour in the paper when photographers had their films developed at one of the shops in town, after years of processing their own black and white prints.

It’s left us with lots of packets of 6x4 size photographs but unfortunately no details with them. Occasionally I strike lucky and hit upon one with some information attached, like this one!

It was taken on June 11 - possibly 1994 which was a Saturday - and I do know the team were Yelvertoft Cricket Club.

Those pictured were: Ron Sheppard, Martin Gudgin, Nigel Harvatt, Andrew Lewis, David Lawrance, James Burnett, John Oakley, Barry Mercer (captain), Keith Bevin and Matt Fleming.