Looking Back - July 18 edition

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Day School holiday to Switzerland

The two pictures either side belong to Doug Hyde, of Duffy Place Rugby, who was behind the camera.

They were taken in Brienz, Switzerland in about 1955 on holiday with students of the Day Continuation School. Youngsters who had left school at 15 had to attend the college in Lower Hillmorton Road one day a week until they were 16. Mr Hyde remembers they travelled over by ferry and train, but flew home.

He can’t remember all the names, but seated at the table with a waitress were: ?, Mitchel, Dave Morris, ?, Ferny Parks.

And in the boat were Janice Muston, ?, ?, teacher Geoff Savage and Delia Tew. Not pictured was Yvonne Street.

If anyone can fill in the gaps, please get in touch.