LOOKING BACK - July 25 edition

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Chapel Street School 1925

This wonderful old picture, and the one below, show Chapel Street School in 1925 when the headmaster was Charles Buckin

They belong to George Faulkner, who is the second on the left on the back row in Class 2 for six-year-olds. He’s now 94 but can remember most of his classmates. They were: Arthur Turner, Wilfred Shearsby, Clifford Horsman, Dennis Hill, Ray Ward, Ralph Farmer, Roy Palmer, Frank Garrett, William Janes, Kenneth Busby, Dora Butterworth, Betty Chandler, Molly Saddington, Dorothy Meanwell, Rene Clements, Joan Newbold, Vera Satchell, Joan Miller, Maisie Skeet, Joan Baynon and Joan Palmer. As well as the alphabet and number posters on the wall, there is a lovely motto, which you might just be able to read. It says: ‘ If your face wants to smile - let it. If it doesn’t - make it.’ 
George lived in Russell Street, which was at the bottom of Windmill Lane, where the Clock Towers shopping centre stands now, and he later moved to Hillmorton. He worked at J Parnell & Son, who were top builders and wood workers.