LOOKING BACK - July 27, 2017 edition

Copies of Howard Trillo's book can be ordered from www.lulu.com
Copies of Howard Trillo's book can be ordered from www.lulu.com

Howard Trillo’s source book about Elborow School

You may remember back in November Howard Trillo published his book about the history of Elborow School - and many of you helped him with your memories, anecdotes and pictures to include in it. Well, he has just completed his second book to go with it.

This latest one he has published contains all his research relating to it and is called: Elborow School, Rugby: A Documentary Sourcebook.

For anyone who attended the school, or has an interest in it, or local history generally, this volume complements his first book ‘A New History of Elborow School, Rugby, 1707-1960’ by providing full transcripts of all major documents and newspaper articles either referred to or quoted from in that book or which have been discovered since its publication in November 2016.

Former history teacher Howard - who was a pupil from 1955 to 59 and has experience as a genealogist - realises it won’t have a huge number of readers, with the school having closed 57 years ago. But he feels it is important to keep the memory of its contribution to the educational development of Rugby’s citizens alive as long as possible, and to provide the full historical detail for posterity.

He said: “The documents cover the period from the school’s beginning in 1707 to its closure in 1960, and range from legal indentures, through newspaper articles on the development of the school, activities such as concerts, sports events, and the work of the pupils (including the extant Log Books and school magazines), to the celebrations around its 250th anniversary in 1957, as well as documents outlining the discussions around its closure.

“The ‘Contents’ pages list articles in chronological order, and there is a General Index to people and events. Old Boys, or relatives of Old Boys (and Girls) will find this a fascinating insight into the life of the school.”

With 376 pages, Howard’s sourcebook includes everything from Richard Elborowe’s 1707 will and the indenture enabling the school and almshouses right through to the last class photograph in 1960 and final entry in the school Log Book.

To order a copy of the book, visit: www.lulu.com and search ‘Elborow’. Like last time, there is a choice of formats: Hardback at £25 and an e-Book (pdf) version at £12.

Former pupils will also be very pleased to know there will be a reunion on the weekend of November 11, to mark the 310th anniversary of the founding of the school and the death of the founder, Richard Elborowe. All Old Boys are welcome, and those interested should contact Howard either by emailing him at:

howardtrillo@yahoo.co.uk or calling him on (01926) 313167.