LOOKING BACK - July 3 edition


Women’s Gas Federation

These ladies were all members of the Women’s Gas Federation in Rugby in 1953.

The women’s group used to meet once a month in the demonstration hall above the gas showrooms, which Judy Stephen recalls was next to the path adjacent to St Andrew’s parish church hall. She is not sure where this function was being held though.

Judy, who is on the front left of the picture, lived in Lower Hillmorton at that time but spent 46 years in Rainsbrook Avenue before moving to Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Now 85, she wonders if any other readers recognise themselves or members of their family.

She can only name a few, who are sitting next to her on the left. Pictured behind Judy are her mother Mildred Biles, Mrs Harmsworth and Jean Harmsworth, and Mrs Franklin.