LOOKING BACK - June 11 edition

Hillmorton Paddox School 1948
Hillmorton Paddox School 1948

Hillmorton Paddox School

These cheerful young lads were smiling for their form photo at Hillmorton Paddox School. As you can see the boys and girls were kept separate in the last year before going to secondary school.

This class of 1948 belongs to Russell Cleaver, who would like to be reminded of his old school friends.

Russell lived in Fareham Avenue and attended the school from 1942-1948. He is sitting right at the front, in the centre. The boy on the right in the lighter jumper had the surname Chamberlain.

Behind them, the others in his class Russell remembers are:

(2nd row) : John Aspinall, Laycock

(3rd row): all unknown

(4th row): David Price, Edwin James (wearing glasses)

Behind David Price was Fairley and behind him Hill or Higgins.

In the 2nd column was Woodward (extreme right) and next row back Donnelly (between Laycock and Chamberlain), behind Donnelly was Wells.

The teachers at the school he can remember were: Head Henry Hind, Mr Davies, Mrs Reeves and Miss Moss.

Russell hopes readers may be able to help name the other boys in the photo.

Some other local names Russell, who no longer lives in Rugby, remembers were: Eynstone and Groudle in Fareham Avenue. And Everett in St John’s Avenue.

Of the shops in that area, he recalls

Stebbings that sold sweets on the corner of St Johns Avenue and Vernon Avenue, the Co-op at the bottom of Fareham Avenue and Thompsons (post office) opposite.

Russell added: “ I was born in a Nursing Home just opposite 14 Fareham Avenue, on the corner of St John’s Avenue. Behind our garden were the allotments and a playing field, now the school.

“Edwin James lived in a newsagents in a parade of shops on the left side of Hillmorton Road, just before the old LNER station.

“And David Price lived up Sydney Road.”