LOOKING BACK - June 18 edition

St Marie's Girls' School 1913
St Marie's Girls' School 1913

St Marie’s Girls’ School 1913

This picture has been in the Advertiser before - 32 years ago, because when Catherine Corley was looking through her late mother Phyllis’s keepsakes, she found the cutting and original picture. Phyllis’s sister, Catherine’s aunt, is on the back row, sixth from the left. Catherine thought a new generation of readers may be interested and can perhaps spot their own relatives in the group.

The girls were in Class II at St Marie’s Girls’ School in 1913, just before the first world war. The teachers were Miss Eileen McGawley and Miss Effie McGawley. The other girls who are named, on the back row, include Clarice Jones, Olive McGawley, Gertie Westbury, Winnie Trillo, Grace Mitchell, Marie Robbins, Marjorie McGawley, Agnes Garrett, Queenie Wales, May Popple and Norah Bromwich.

Although there’s no one named on the front row, the middle row includes: Eileen Woodcock, Margaret McGee, Kit Sheridan and Mary Waine.