Looking Back - June 20 edition

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A postcard home in the early 1900s

This lovely old picture was sent as a postcard from what appears to be an army camp. It belongs to George Bagley and his father Herbert sent it to his sister Mary. George knows nothing about the regiment or what they were doing, and says it may even have been the territorial army. He also wonders how the photograph was turned into a postcard.

The only clues are that the postmark seems to be Barnstaple on August 8, 1910. George says he was only 18 when his father died and he had never spoken about what he did in the First World War. The card reads: “I hope you like this one, but it’s not very good of I. Should have shut my mouth. I was at Ilfracombe yesterday, it was grand, we went for a row in a boat.” Herbert came to Rugby to work at the English Electric and later the BTH. When George was born the family lived in Clarence Road, New Bilton and then moved to Croop Hill, where George spent the next 74 years.