Looking back - June 27 edition

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Remember the wedding pictures found in a charity shop book?

The bride from our mystery pictures (June 13) found in a charity shop book has called to say it was her wedding on July 11, 1953.

Jean and Leslie Babey from Southam were married at the parish church there and will celebrate their diamond wedding next month.

But Jean has absolutely no idea where the pictures came from as hers are safe in an album and although she remembers the other picture of the six young people being taken at Blackpool, she never had a copy of it. Pictured next to her was her sister-in-law, Evelyn Eaden, who lives in Stockton and her friend, but she can’t shed any light on it either! And even more puzzling is that the older wedding pictures are of Jean as bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding and the girl’s portrait is likely to be their daughter. Living outside the area, the Babeys don’t usually read the Advertiser, but were lucky a series of coincidences with friends and family led to them being told to buy it that week and they couldn’t believe what they saw! So although we can’t completely solve the mystery as we’d hoped, all the pictures will be passed on to them.