Looking back: June 7 edition

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n ANYONE who was working at AEI in 1961 may recognise some of these apprentices at Coton House, who formed the rugby team.

The picture belongs to Ivor Billingham, who is fourth from the left on the back row. He lives in Grantham, Lincolnshire now.

He can’t remember everyone, but those he can include (back from left) referee Jack Wright, Jim Hunt, Pip Wakelin, Trevor Gardner, Sloz Marnis, Brian Thompson and (far right) Des Lewis.

On the front row were Graham Varnish, Pete Purvis, Pete Sidenham and Pete Le Voir.

Mr Billingham was a second row forward and went on to play for Newbold. He started playing rugby as a pupil at St Matthew’s School and remembers their annual Gibbs Twells Memorial Shield games against Murray School.