Looking Back: Lawrence Sherriff School in 1955

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These smiling boys were members of Class VA at Lawrence Sheriff School in 1955.

Anthony Willams, who brought in the photograph, is on the back row, fifth from the right, not looking very happy! 
Their form master Mr A McLeish-Smith was the senior maths master.
Mr Williams left Rugby in 1964 and returned to the Midlands a few months ago after an absence of 49 years. Although he lives in Northampton now, he still reads the Advertiser and visits the town frequently. He hopes this picture may evoke a few nostalgic twinges among his former classmates.
They were: (back from left) Livingstone, Taylor, Blick, Gibbs, Hirons, Saunders, Wetherall, Sylvester, Williams, Bishop, O’Toole, Tilsley and Hall.
(Middle row): Brayson, C Martin, Scott, Mr A McLeish-Smith, Murdon, Burnell and M Martin.
(Front): Wells and Jones. Missing was J Kirton.