Looking back - March 15 edition

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This picture of St Matthew’s secondary modern Under 13 rugby team 1956-57 belongs to Dave Smart, who now lives near Reading.

The school was in Oliver Street and he remembers they used to play against Murray School. The teachers were Mr ‘Bomber’ Higgs, their form master who was ex-army and Mr Brookes, the headmaster.

He’s not entirely sure of everyone’s first name, but pictured are: (back) Chris Townsend, Frank James, Trevor Earle, Graham Cresswell, Pete or Phil Chater, Dave Smart, unnamed.

(Middle) Pete Brightwell, Eddie Moll, Keith Whats, Chris Thomas (capt), Dave Elward, Chris Baxter and ? Thomson.

(Front) Pete Moore, ? Castle and Norman Whittaker. Writing on the back of the picture suggests he as in form 2a at the time. Mr Smart says he was never very good at rugby, so wasn’t quite sure why he was in the team!

He hopes someone recognises themselves.