LOOKING BACK - March 20 edition

Do you recognise anyone?
Do you recognise anyone?
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Mystery trip? Fred Marvin Coaches

This picture is something of a mystery, so I hope readers might have a few answers.

It was sent in by Katy Daly, who said she recently found this image in a pile of negatives she was given by her grandmother, Cynthia Tuohy, who had been sorting through all of her late mother Phyllis Holmes’ photographs.

Katy has managed to scan the picture in, but they don’t know anything about it, the people or where they might have been going.

They only clue is the writing on the bus, which says the company name: ‘F. Marvin, 2 Northcote Road, Rugby’.

Katy says it would be nice to find out if anyone is familiar with this picture or can recognise anyone.

Please get in touch with Zoe Ashton on (01788) 539975.