LOOKING BACK - March 24 edition

Lawrence Sheriff School 1956
Lawrence Sheriff School 1956

Lawrence Sheriff 1956

These boys seemed to be enjoying having their photograph taken. The happy bunch were Stuart Barrie’s class at Lawrence Sheriff School in 1956. He is second from the left on the very back row and we’re grateful to him for sharing the picture with Memory Lane.

Pictured were (back row from left): I Jackson, Stuart Barrie, D Howe, Paul Evans, Paul Sweet, I Cox, Brian Lane.

(Next row, standing) J Cowie, M Pickering, Cyril Cocks, David Brewin, Hoffman, M Barker, R Hillyard, D Weston, T Yates. (Second row, seated) Robert Hollis, S Sherwin, Vic Lorriman, J Early, Mr Warren, T Evans, M Rolls, R Tanner, Rogers, Jenkins.

(Front row): Ian Crane, C Seal, Calver, A Partridge.