Looking Back - March 29 edition

Looking Back - 22nd March
Looking Back - 22nd March

n THESE were the members of Rugby Rural District Council in 1954-55. It didn’t become Rugby Borough Council until 1974.

The photograph was brought in by John Round, whose father Percy Round is seventh from the left in the middle row. Next to him (sixth from left) was fellow Lawford councillor Alf Greenwood.

Percy Round was first elected to represent Little Lawford and Long Lawford in 1945 and also served on the parish council in the village for 40 years. Round Avenue is named in his honour and there have been Rounds in Long Lawford since at least 1792. Percy Round died in 1982 at the age of 83.

John Round, 81, said his father volunteered for national service at the age of 17 and served in the Berkshire regiment. He was a prisoner of war in WWI and worked nights for 25 years at English Electric, fitting in all his council meetings before going to work at 9.30pm. District council meetings were held in Warwick Street.

With his father having devoted so much of his life serving Rugby, John is very annoyed that the village will no longer be part of Rugby’s parliamentary constituency at the next general election.

John remembers there were only three streets in Long Lawford when he was a boy, but five pubs including the one on the crossroads. Percy was one of six brothers and John remembers his uncle Harold was head of the local fire volunteers and Vic ran a shop in Main Street as well as a milk round.

(Back from left) WR Mills (Rating Officer), WE Oakes, GW Clark, F Whitby, PL Handley, LR Nutting (Chief Sanitary Inspector), WH Harrison, GR Shepherd (Deputy Clerk), DJ Jones (Medical Officer of Health), AR Pemberton, R Thom, LN Anderton, S Page, R Goode, J Cummins.

(Middle): AV Wright, WF Tomlinson, JH Tyler, FWC Philtrip, R Roddis, A Greenwood, PJ Round, H Dudley, DG McVinnie (Engineer and Surveyor), EW Webb, FA Ward, CT Hancock, TF Duffin, WH Campion, CW Reay, LH Knowles, Mrs L Ward, JM Graham, Mrs VM Jepson, CW Robinson, Mres EGY Fairholme, HA Wilde (Clerk of the Council), HC Fleming (Chairman of the Council), N Ashman (Vice-Chairman of the Council), SH Howard, Mrs A Tew, JH Walker, Mrs M Cunningham, CCH Coape-Arnold.