Looking Back May 2 edition: British Telecom’s line and length

editorial image

The hairstyles may have changed - not necessarily for the worse - but many of these formidable sportsmen are still frequently seen around town.

As tonsorial fashions suggest, this picture dates from the mid-1970s, and it shows a cricket team comprising British Telecom staff, mostly engineers. John Burdett, togged up in wicketkeeping pads and gloves in the picture, brought it in to us.

He said: “It was an enjoyable thing to do – a few of us would play for teams at the weekend, and then we’d all get together on a Wednesday evening to play in the Advertiser League.” In the back row (left to right) are A Rose, H Dunkley, T Wagg, T Andrews, D Pope and B Charlton. The front row comprises B Walsh, R Hillyard, G Fox, Mr Burdett and T Brown. Mr Burdett, who worked for British Telecom for 30 years before taking early retirement, said: “I still see quite a few of them around town – the hair’s changed though!”

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