LOOKING BACK - May 30, 2019 edition (updated)

Rugby St Andrews RFC in 1968
Rugby St Andrews RFC in 1968

1968 sports teams

Here’s a couple more pictures from Bernard Williams’ collection, from when he worked as a driver for the Rugby Advertiser in the 1950s and 60s.
The rugby team is Rugby St Andrews RFC, taken on April 29, 1968. Unfortunately there’s no more details with it, so I can only guess it was just one to mark the end of the season - 51 years ago. A pity there’s no names.
The football team is labelled as Bourton FC and again this looks like an end of season line-up taken on March 31, 1968.

Bourton Football Club in 1968

Bourton Football Club in 1968

UPDATE: Many thanks to Advertiser reader Alan Parish, a former Saints player and coach, who has given us the names for the St Andrews picture from a photograph in their clubhouse.

They are: Back row left to right: C.H. Bentley, (Club President), T Hibberd, M. Headland, H. Kane, R. Culver, P. Saunders, R Blinco, J. Lynch, V. Page

Front row left to right: D. Watts, D. Colgrave, T. Fox, T Hunt, (Captain), M Gilbert, T. Gillan, (Vice Captain), and J Hunt.

And thank you very much to Melanie Whitehead who added these names to the Bourton football picture via our Facebook page:

Bourton & Frankton football team line up is: Back row....Roger Boneham, Ivor Hunt, Don Worrall, Bernard Wheeler, Paul Whitehead, Dennis Neville,
Front row...Taffy Pulford, Robert Wheeler, Dave Thorpe, Frank Lewin, Dave Furness