Looking Back - November 1 edition

editorial image

Here’s another fairly recent picture, well, recent in terms of Looking Back, that is.

It was taken in the mid-1980s at Newbold Riverside School summer playscheme.

It belongs to Pauline Roberts, who was Pauline Plumb at that time, who was running it.

Pauline is at the back dressed as Wee Willie Winkie with her nightcap on a slant.

The other members of the Plumb family were Russell, who is the little boy in the front holding the brush and dressed as a chimney sweep; Ryan, the hospital patient to his left and arm in a sling; and Rachel is at the back, peering through behind the person in the gas mask.

Just in front of her, the Queen of Hearts in the crown is Lynn Brown and Elaine Meredith on her left is the Indian with the feather headdress.

The cub on the front row on the left of the picture was Philip Meredith and behind him is Lee Stainsfield and his mother, who was a helper.

Next to them is Serena Stainsfield and the scout leader at the back is Christine Meredith.

Next to her at the back is Elaine Smith.

Last week I printed my own picture of Mrs Gay’s class at Rokeby First School in 1975 - and I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has been in touch since.

It’s been lovely to hear from people I’ve not seen for probably 30 years and I’m sorry it’s made us all feel rather old! Glad it brought back some happy memories though.

If you have a picture you would like to share with Looking Back readers, please bring it in with some details.