LOOKING BACK - November 14 edition

Looking Back - Fire Jubilee Street
Looking Back - Fire Jubilee Street

Fire in Jubilee Street, 1957

Jean Griffiths remembers taking this photograph on her box brownie camera in 1957. It was a Saturday lunchtime and the fire engine had been called to her house in Jubilee Street, New Bilton after an old radio in the front room had caught fire.

Aged about 13 at the time, she remembers that the fire brigade were very good, but the house was still badly damaged and everything blackened by the smoke. Jean also remembers rescuing her father’s parrot! 
Standing outside were her parents Hetty and Wal Veasey, with next door neighbour Mrs Sweet on her doorstep. The policeman was PC Kilding, who had arrived on his bike. With so few cars in the street in those days, it was no problem for the fire engine to pull up outside.

The commotion brought half the neighbourhood out to see what was happening and the children on the right of the picture were Rhoda and Beryl Percival.