LOOKING BACK - November 19 edition

Harris U13s rugby team 1964-65
Harris U13s rugby team 1964-65

Harris School U13s rugby team 1964-65

I bet it doesn’t seem half a century ago that these young boys lined up for the camera at Harris Church of England High School.

They were the under 13s rugby team for the 1964-65 Season .

Thank you very much to Joe Paget who has sent it in and remembers they had quite a good season, winning quite a few of their games but having fun whatever the outcome.

He says they travelled to away games in the school bus, an ancient Bedford coach with a petrol engine which refuelled at Glare Motors in Bilton where you could buy four gallons of Jet petrol for one pound, plus green shield stamps!

The boys were: Back (from left) Kevin Bott , Steven Hammond, John Harries , Joe Paget, Philip Sharman ,Tony Kemp, Ian Bavington , Keith Barnard,

(Front) Barry Brown, Terry Goodwin, Bob Andrews, Stephen Edmundson,Simon Zenbergs, Paul Pimlott, David Hayes, Mick Goodwin, John Lines. Des Chambers and Robert Cleaver were also regulars but for some reason were not present for the photograph.

Joe says he still bumps into some of the team around Rugby and cannot really believe it was 50 years ago.