Looking Back - November 8 edition

Looking Back - Cadets.
Looking Back - Cadets.

n This week’s pictures were actually taken in Switzerland, but everyone on them is from Rugby.

They were all members of the 29F squadron air training corps.

They were in Switzerland in 1972, for one of many marches the cadets were often involved with.

You can see them more clearly on the right hand picture and on the back row were flight lieutenant Dougie Plant and Jim Desmond.

And in front were John Pientak, whose mother kept these pictures and brought them in for Looking Back, Michael Smith, his best friend at St Marie’s School and Nigel Armstrong.

John, now 55, would have been 15 at the time and says he has still got his cravat and medals.

Although he remembers taking part in several marches, the only detail of this one he recalls was that they stayed in some sort of bunkers.

The family lived in Manor Road at that time.