LOOKING BACK - October 10 edition

Chapel Street - Looking Back
Chapel Street - Looking Back

Chapel Street, Rugby

With all the new development around Chapel Street, it’s hard to remember how it was before.

There’s no date on this interesting picture from our files, but from the cars we’re guessing it might be early 1970s. The whole area has since been replaced with a multi-storey car park, Asda and its car park, the Art Gallery and Museum, doctors’ surgery and its car park. 
The shop in the front appears to be Fortuna Whitewood Centre furniture shop and the big square building behind is the Co-op. 
The sign on the shop on the other side of the road says Carters Tailoring and Outfitters. 
The photo looks to have been taken from a tall building in Corporation Street as there appears to be a piece of scaffolding sticking out.