LOOKING BACK - October 3 edition

Reunion of old Lawrence Sheriff pupils, pictured here with the current headmaster
Reunion of old Lawrence Sheriff pupils, pictured here with the current headmaster

Old Laurentian reunion of 1948 intake into Lawrence Sheriff School

The idea of a reunion all started several months ago with a chance meeting of two former classmates at a mutual friend’s 75th birthday party, writes Michael Walker.

We realised that it was 65 years since we had started at Lawrence Sheriff and 60 years since most of us had left and felt that this called for a get together.

The immediate discussions were not very encouraging as, when we began to list names, we realised that a great number were unfortunately no longer with us. However during the following weeks we were able to trace several former classmates from all over the country through personal contacts and one who was prepared to drive from Southern France to be with us.

The photographs from 1951/52 published in the Rugby Advertiser brought forth other old school friends, not least one in North Carolina who responded immediately to the photograph which had been sent to him by his brother in Rugby. Unfortunately he could not come but updated us with how his career had developed.

An approach was made to the Headmaster of the School, Peter Kent, to ask if he would consider allowing us a nostalgic tour of the School, something to which kindly agreed.

And so 15 of us gathered on the 20th September at Lawrence Sheriff to find very different premises from when we arrived there 65 years ago. The School now has some 900 pupils as compared 500 in 1948 and a very much wider curriculum. In those days there was a streaming system where by some members of the “A” forms made up the future Sixth Form and the remainder, together with the “B” & “C” Forms were able to leave and find apprenticeships with the likes of BTH, English Electric & the Radio Station. Similarly there were opportunities with local Accountants, Banks and other local businesses for training.

After the most interesting tour we adjourned to Whitefields Golf Club, Thurlaston where we had an excellent lunch together with a great deal of reminiscing and despite leaving at about 4.00pm there still seemed a lot left to catch up on.

Michael Walker would be pleased to hear from anyone who has still not been in contact. mtjwconcordia@hotmail.com or (0116) 2246047.

Pictured at their reunion at the school:

Left to right.

Back row. Terry Pattison, Michael Walker,Trevor Woodward, Bill Edwards, Dan Stilgoe, David Stimpson, David Russell

Middle row Nigel Cluett, John Putt

Front Row. Colin Griffiths, Graham Watson,Bob Fell, Peter Kent (Headmaster), Ken Waugh, Peter Rose, Brian Cockerill