LOOKING BACK - September 25 edition

St Matthew's Old Boys cricket team
St Matthew's Old Boys cricket team

St Matthew’s Old Boys cricket team

Can you recognise any of the cricketers in this picture, taken in the 1950s?

They were St Matthew’s School Old Boys cricket team, who used to meet up to play one match a year. I’m very grateful to George Faulkner (second from the left on the front row) for sharing another of his lovely old pictures with us. He can only remember a few of the names, but perhaps Memory Lane readers can help to fill in the gaps.

(Back from left) the first four are not known, Hartwell, unknown, Len Mitchell, unknown. (Front row, from left) Mr Timms, woodwork master, George Faulkner, unknown, Jack Green wicket keeper, headmaster Mr CW Robinson.

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